UPDATE: We stumbled upon some dope photos of the upcoming Vanchetta Tan Pinnacles at the END. Clothing blog. Dropping on this weekend on the 26th of September at END. and other retailers!


Out of all the Jordans that hit stores in 2014, one of the most highly coveted pairs came from a rather unusual source. Artisan footwear manufacturer Hender Scheme gave us a radical re-imaging of the Jordan 4 that brought a sense of high-end luxury to the humble basketball shoe. Label it a copycat all you like, but Hender Scheme proved that sneakerheads are willing to pay a premium price tag for classic models made with superior materials and the sneaker world is fast following suit. Jordan Brand debuted the Jordan 1 ‘Pinnacle‘ line earlier this year with a duo of 24kt endowed Highs and is now following suit with a make-up constructed entirely from Vachetta leather. Reminiscent of Hender Scheme’s work, this premium leather is untreated and intended to age and mark with wear to give the shoes character – so don’t go wearing these out in the snow if you want them to stay crispy. Finished off with gold plaques at the rear to round out the premium look, expect these to be just as highly sought after as the previous ‘Pinnacle’ make-ups and equally as pricey. These will release at select Jordan Brand accounts like Social Status on September 12th.

– Originally Published 7th September, 2015

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