Asics Gel Solution Slam Pink + Black Women’s Tennis Shoes

The Asics Gel Solution Slam is a sleek and stylish tennis shoe with numerous different beneficial features. The upper is composed of synthetic leather and perforated mesh which helps to combine support and stability with ventilation. In the midsole, Asics’ Gel Cushioning technology helps to increase the comfort of the shoe, whilst also adding shock absorption to maintain this comfort and to protect from impact injuries.

The design of the shoe offers a great deal of comfort whilst remaining aerodynamic and stable. On the outsole Asics’ High Abrasion Rubber provides excellent grip and traction, whilst remaining hard wearing and durable and is included all the way up to the toe to increase durability further. The stylish bright pink and black colour scheme means that the Asics Gel Solution Slam is a brilliant and fashionable option.


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