You probably know about the ‘Coca Leaf’ Gel Respectors that Concepts were hustling on the corners of Miami’s Art Basel, but have you seen these? The boys in Boston are continuing their ASICS Art Basel colab with another stunner – the ‘Black Widow’. Sticking on the power trip, this shoe is named after the Medellin Cartel drug runner, Griselda Blanco, AKA the Black Widow. The Gel Respector‘s colourway follows the coloration of the black widow spider closely, with a black upper and a dangerous red mark glaring on the tongue. The white midsole is also redolent of the shiny reflection often seen on the creepy creature’s backs. Only 250 pairs of the Black Widow will be available from December 5th at an undisclosed location in Miami that you’ll only find if you pay close attention to Concept’s Twitter and IG accounts.

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