Nike Women’s Zoom Vapor 9 Tour Tennis Shoes White + Anth + Mint

Ideal for any court surface, the Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour Women’s Shoe is the perfect choice for any tennis enthusiast. Often sported by Maria Sharapova these shoes have a proven pedigree in providing the highest level of fashion and performance. The specially designed upper is engineered to provide the feel and comfort of a running shoe and the support and stability of a tennis shoe giving you the best of both worlds. The heel and sole are designed to give you added cushioning and excellent grip, giving you the traction required to quickly change direction when required and the comfort of knowing that you are protected against injury. All in all the Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour Women’s shoe is the ideal tennis shoe and will make you feel like a true champion when you step on court, and the stylish mint, black and white design ensures that you will be a winner in the fashion stakes too.

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