Whats Up with Shoes Hanging from Power Lines?

Shoes Hanging From Power Lines?  WHY?

It doesn't matter where you travel in the world, you are more than likely going to see shoes hanging from power lines. Have you ever wondered WHY (or how, for that matter!) someone hung a pair of tennis shoes on power lines?

shoe dildo tossing Shoes hanging from power linesAccording to wikipedia, this practice actually has an "official" name: "Shoe Tossing". It is defined as "the throwing of a pair of shoes tied together with the laces onto the overhead wires usually over a roadway".

But the question remains — WHY do people do this?

Some people say shoes hanging from power lines are placed as a "celebratory gesture" — to commemorate the end of some part of the shoe tosser's life; such as a divorce; end of military basic training or high school; loss of virginity. In other words, "out with the old".

It is the superstitious beliefs that are the most interesting, although slightly macabre. Some believe that shoes hanging from power lines belonged to a dead person — and the shoes are hung in the air; that way when the spirit returns, the shoes will be closer to Heaven.

But the latest fad? Dildo Tossing! Yes it is true – Portland Oregon has been in the news for the surprising number of sex toys tied together and hung from power lines … just like you would expect to see shoes hanging from power lines!!

But where do they get the toys?? According to the VICE article, the dildo tosser must of purchased a "lot" of merchandise at an auction, and the contents included 10,000 dildos and other sex toys.

So we have gone from shoes hanging from power lines to a new sport, officially known as dildo tossing. I think I'll hold on to my tennis shoes a little longer.

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